The first Anthony Matthews in this line was born in England in 1611.  
He arrived in Jamestown VA in 1638 on the ship 'Transport', captained by
Edward Walker.  The Transport is known to have made many trips, ferrying
immigrants to America.  

Anthony executed a sale for a piece of land in Isle of Wight County, VA, on 
the day of his arrival in America.  This appears to have been a common
practice where the land was already purchased through an agent who met the
ship with the deeds in hand.

Little is known of Anthony and his descendants through John Matthews (b. abt. 
1780). HISTORICAL SOUTHERN FAMILIES VOL XV gives the line of Matthews
of Isle of Wight Co, VA & lists down through Anthony Matthews, grandfather of
Anthony Smith Matthews and his brother Thomas (sons of John Matthews & Sarah Smith).  
This was edited from data contributed by Arnold E. Hayes of Beaumont, CA. The 17TH
CENTURY ISLE OF WIGHT history also provides some documentation about these 
early generations.

There is also some concern about the descendants of John Matthews.  His will 
only mentions two heirs, sons Anthony and Thomas, but other researchers have
attributed other sons to him as well.  Further data regarding this era of the Matthews family
is welcomed.

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